Apple Chestnut Stuffing Loaf-The New Family Favourite

Apple Chestnut Stuffing Loaf:  Prepare Yourself for Repeat This Recipe!

We loved this traditional thanksgiving stuffing with fresh herbs, apples, and chestnuts.Most of all, we liked how it is uniquely presented- made into a loaf. We were really impressed with this recipe because it keeps the dressing nice and moist and actually good for you without compromising on taste. This stuffing loaf is sure to become a repeated request year after year!

Apple Chestnut Loaf Recipe

Author: Health Nut Nutrition

Organic Ingredients:

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For expanded guidance on preparation, visit Health Nut Nutrition and watch this video:

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Expert Stuffing Making Advice

Author: Nikole at Health Nut Nutrition

  • First of all, add spices like celery salt and poultry seasoning along with your other herbs and salt and pepper.
  • After that, coat the dry bread with the dry spices before pouring on the liquid so the bread is evenly spiced.
  • Next, get your hands dirty and knead the bread so you can feel the texture of the bread and know if you need to add more liquid. If there’s liquid at the bottom of the bowl you’ve added too much.
  • Additionally, shape your raw stuffing into a ball and wrap in foil before placing into the oven to bake. This helps mimic what happens in the turkey and will keep the inside moist and the outside crispy.
  • Finally, remove the foil top for the last 15 min to really get that “golden brown” crust.

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