Best Ever Vegan Meatballs

Try These Amazing Vegan Meatballs from Anja Cass

Our quest for the best meatless meatball recipes has recently brought us to the Vegan variety. We were pleased to find a unique recipe that uses walnuts, revered for their excellent ability to boost heart and brain health. These Vegan “meatballs” not only taste amazing, but they’re also hearty and extra nutritious.

Ingredients for Vegan Meatballs from

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This recipe yields about 35-40 meatless balls depending on how big you like them. Additionally, they freeze nicely if you want to keep some ready-to-go for later. They’re versatile and may be presented as a stand-alone appetizer or served with a cream or tomato sauce with pasta.

To follow the preparation procedure, see this video:

A Mom Whose Delicious Recipes Turned Her Whole Family Vegan

After facing a heart condition due to an overweight condition, Anja Cass learned to follow a Vegan diet at the age of 38. After she lost 50 pounds in 4 months. Subsequently, she dedicated herself to the pursuit of becoming a Vegan chef. Her recipes were so delicious that without even trying to convince them, her family joined her. Her husband’s lifelong struggles with allergies ceased and her 9-year-old son also willingly followed.

Vegan Recipes for Normal People

Anja’s recipes on are down to earth and easy to follow. She’s not a radical animal rights activist or presenting the Vegan label as her alternative lifestyle identity. She’s an average lady who became Vegan after an experiment that helped her regain health. Her ingredients and methods are simple. See for yourself and try her Vegan meatless balls recipe today!