Burgers For All Kinds Of Eating Styles

Burgers For All Kinds Of Eating Styles

Burgers, burger, burgers… We have burger recipes for all kinds of eating styles. Paleo, Gluten free, Whole 30, Vegan even Pescaterian. Here we subscribe to – what ever eating style is working for you we will supply some good healthy recipes.

When reading the recipes remember to get organic ingredients- it does a body good .

Pro-tip: You can always include these recipes in meal prep. Also create some salads to pair with the burger patties and sauces to have through the week. So double up on the recipes and have extra for the rest of the week.


this recipe is from Paleo Gluten Free Eats

Great flavors, great taste. I am so glad she also uses grass fed beef. Once you have tried grass fed beef there is no going back the rest just doesn’t have that same flavor. There are also suggestions and tips on making it suitable for whole 30.

2.Guacamole Turkey Burgers

Great to have healthy gluten free, paleo friendly and Whole 30 turkey burgers. Juice and great for our body builder friends as well.You will love the extra kick in flavor you get by adding the chili powder into the patties. This also helps stoke the fires of your metabolism.

This recipe is from The Garlic Diaries

3.Black Bean Burgers With Cilantro Lime Sauce [Vegan]

These burgers are dairy free gluten free and high fiber. You can also use the patties for lunch with a salad the next day(or few days) so you can save some time through the week by creating a few meals around the extra patties. This will make sure you have healthy meals to take with you.

This recipe is from One Green Planet.org



There are instructions that can make this whole 30, gluten free and Paleo friendly. The poblano peppers ad so much flavor to the usually mild tasting burger and who can go wrong with with avocado salsa.

This recipe is from the Laughing Spatula

These burgers are a must try with any of the sauces or mayo’s from Primal Kitchen. Use this link for 15% off your first order – coupon code “GROK15”

We are so pleased we found all of these wonderful flavors to share with you and spice up your burger experience. Treat yourself you are worth it.