Health and Beauty With Diatomaceous Earth ( DE )

What is Diatomaceous Earth? Learn Why It’s A Great Thing To Have In Your Life

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a white powder made from mineralized fossils. It comes in various grades from industrial grade to those that are refined for human consumption. It is easily available, inexpensive, and highly useful in many ways for improving your health.

DE’s Key Element: Silica

Silica is essential for healthy bones and joints, thick and healthy hair growth, strong nails, and healthy glowing skin.

Silica particles carry an electrical charge that attaches itself to free radicals. First, it neutralizes those toxins and then it carries them out of the body through natural processes of elimination.

5 Ways DE Helps You Detox

  1. Cleans digestive track and colon
  2. Boosts function of the liver
  3. Absorbs toxins from the blood and fights free radical image
  4. Eliminates heavy toxins such as aluminum, which enhances brain function
  5. Kills parasites, pathogens, and viruses


Basic Overview of Using DE for Detox

  1. Start with about 1 tsp. of food grade DE with plenty of water (minimally 12 oz.) 1-2 hours before OR after eating, once a day for ten days
  2. Take a break for 10 days
  3. Resume again but change your dose to 1 tsp, twice a day
  4. Break for 10 days
  5. Repeat this process until 90 days is reached

Most discomforts you may experience are “die off” reactions that are common when parasitical elements are leaving the body. Keep a journal of your symptoms. If this gets too intense, scale down the dose for a while. If the chalky taste and texture bother you, you may mix with yogurt or add to smoothies or juice.

Simple Applications for Using DE in Your Health and Beauty Routines
  • Sprinkle DE to your toothpaste. It helps whiten your teeth and increases plaque and tartar removal
  • Use as a facial scrub or mask. Make a thin paste for mask by adding more water (1:4) and a thicker one for using as a scrub (1:3). If you use as a mask, give it about 5 minutes to dry before rinsing.
You Have Nothing to Lose by Trying DE

In conclusion, trying DE could help and can’t really hurt. It’s affordable and safe as there are virtually no side effects. If you don’t end up consuming it yourself, it can also be used around your house for cleaning and pest control.