Overnight Oats, Pumpkin Pie Style

Overnight Oats, Pumpkin Pie Style: Planning Breakfast Ahead Yields Delicious and Nutritious Benefits

Overnight oats are only oats that soak soak up the liquid you put them in – any sort of liquid you choose really. In the morning you will be delighted to see that your mixture has transformed to a smooth consistency like pudding. Additionally, these oats have proven themselves as an effective weight loss aide. Make overnight oats your new breakfast staple. Get started with this great recipe for Pumpkin Pie Style Overnight Oats.

The Standard Overnight Oats Formula

  • Equal parts raw rolled oats and liquid soaked overnight in a glass jar
  • Original formula uses oats soaked in lemon water, which adds vitamin C
  • Most people like to use organic yogurt and milk in equal parts to get the creamy consistency. Of course,organic non-dairy milks may also be used. Get the Recipe here to make your own yogurt 
  • Add organic fruits and organic nuts if you like before eating. Feel free to experiment and use whatever variations you like!

3 Reasons Why Overnight Oats Are a Great Way to Start Your Day

  1. Raw organic oats are among the best sources of resistant starch which activates the release of digestion acids, suppress appetite, and accelerate calorie burning.They also assist in absorption of nutrients.
  2. Planning  breakfast ahead leads to healthier food choices. Being in a hurry and eating while stressed detracts from tuning into self-nourishing with healthier food choices. This is one of the biggest factors in weight loss ability.
  3. Its the total quantity of foods that fill us, not calories. Overnight organic oats, unlike their cooked counterparts swell, not shrink. Therefore, the volume of food serving increases.

Let’s Review The Overall Benefits of Overnight Oats

  • Weight reduction: you will feel satiated quicker than standard foods and also burn more fat
  • They help you plan ahead: a great way to maintain good health is to plan ahead what you’ll eat
  • Your Heart will thank you: their high fiber content (oat fiber) reduces cholesterol significantly when consumed regularly

Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats

Author: Joe Duff


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