Try This Simple & Delicious Slow Cooker Pot Roast

Super Simple Pot Roast

Pot roast yummy! Ever feel like your in to much of a rush to make those delicious, healthy, and filling meals? Do you remember those meals mom made back when you were a kid? Ever wish you had the time to feed your family something healthy and they will also LOVE to eat.

More often then not in today’s modern grind, between work, school, and activities, a healthy diet is hard to maintain. Rather then turning to fast food, or that heavily processed frozen dinner (yuck!) Give yourself a break, and your family a treat, with this simple pot roast recipe. Just some easy prep, and then toss it in the slow cooker!




Remember to use organic ingredients to really get the most out of your meals. It makes all the difference! And furthermore, if your worried about the packet of dry onion soup mix, (I was) try this easy recipe I found to make your own. The recipe is equal to one packet of soup mix, so you can double it, and save it for the next pot roast! Again remember, fresh and organic is always the way to go!

Just stir these ingredients togeather and your set!


First of all, season the roast with salt and organic pepper to taste. Brown on all sides in a large skillet over high heat, about 4 minutes per side. This part is optional. If you want to save yourself a bit of time, you can skip browning it. Since its slow cooking, it still turns out amazing!

Place the roast in the slow cooker and add the soup mix, water, carrots, onion, potatoes, and celery.
Finally, cover and cook on Low setting for 8 to 10 hours.

The result, a delicious and healthy pot roast dinner!

**Why choose grass fed beef and organic ingredients? Find out here and here.

Special Thanks To ‘All Recipes’ For Sharing This Recipe With All Of Us