Asian Stir-Fry With Meatballs..The Best Of Both worlds

Asian Stir- fry with meatballs.

This is not a usual combination, but so satisfying. Who would have thought stir-fry with meatballs would work ?

When I make this I usually use meatballs that I had made in a big batch  or I make the meatballs a day ahead so that I don’t have to spend to much time in the kitchen.

Pro tip: when I make meatballs for this recipe I make the meatballs about 1/2- 1 inch in diameter.



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  1. If you are making the meatballs make them first.
  2. When they are ready and cooling -make the sauce.
  3. Combine the arrow root with 6 tablespoon of chicken broth you kept and mix until the arrowroot is dissolved
  4. Heat  the sesame oil in a pan over medium heat.
  5. turn the hat down to low and add the garlic and and ginger cook for 1-2 minutes
  6. Add the 1/2 cup chicken broth ,rice vinegar and soy sauce simmer for 5 minutes stir occasionally
  7. While stirring add the arrowroot slowly until sauce thickens.
  8. Set the sauce aside and get ready to make the stir-fry
  9. Make sure you have all the ingredients close and ready to go.
  10. Turn the heat to medium and add the sesame oil to your frying pan
  11. Add the onion and carrots and bok choy and bell pepper cook for 2 minute stirring constantly
  12.  Put in the meatballs and stir for 1-3 minutes
  13. Add the bean sprouts and stir for 1 minute
  14. Pour the sauce and stir for 1-2 minutes
  15. remove from heat and serve.

I usually make extra so I can have some for lunch the next day.