Thanksgiving – Making Our Vegetarian Friends Happy

Thanksgiving for Vegetarians: What To Do If You Have a Vegetarian Guest for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving for vegetarians is not impossible: it doesn’t only need to be a meat eater’s feast.  If you’ve learned that one of your Thanksgiving guests this year is a vegetarian, don’t panic. There are plenty of vegetarian options that you don’t have to get fancy ingredients for or spend a lot of time preparing. Most vegetarians do not expect anyone to go out of their way for them, so even the simplest gesture means a lot!

A Few Simple Tips For You If You’re Having Vegetarians Over for Thanksgiving

  • Make certain just to check what your vegetarian guest eats and does not eat. Some vegetarians are happy to eat animal products such as eggs and milk, while others are not.
  • If you really want to go the mile, use utensils that are different than the ones you use for meat prep and serving.
  • Check the labels of the foods you’re getting ready for your vegetarian guests to make sure that they don’t contain any meat products that are not immediately apparent e.g. Gelatin.
  • Prepare lots of side dishes of veggies like yams, carrots, squash, green beans and so forth, but leave them plain.
  • Use vegetable shortening like Spectrum Organic All Vegetable or scoop-able organic coconut oil for pie crust and organic vegetable oils rather than animal fats for frying.

Non-Vegetarians Will Also Enjoy Your Preps

You can create a seamless presentation by simply cutting up fruits or making a nice salad. You don’t need to look up recipes or anything. “Tofurky” is also available and requires no prep, just heating. Who knows, even your meat eating guests could just be curious enough to want to try it! Finally, if this seems like a task that you’re not up to, you can request your guest to show you how to make something and they can help out in the kitchen. They may even prefer to bring a dish from home to share. 

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