Top 5 Foods Not To Eat For Fat Loss

Find Out The Top 5 Common “Health” Foods You Shouldn’t Eat For Fat Loss

Top 5 foods not to eat. Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what is good for you and what isn’t. There are many foods out there that claim to be healthy for you, when in fact they are not.



Since fat loss is such a huge theme for marketing, labels can often be very misleading. It’s good to know for yourself when you go into a store what is good for you and what isn’t. Always be sure to read the labels. Any type of corn syrup in one ingredient you should always stay away from.

Especially if you are trying to get rid of access body fat. Understanding the food that you eat is vitally important. Moreover, I am quite certain that you would agree on having a little more energy throughout your day. Proper diet will assist better than anything else on this matter.


Dieting can be a challenge, getting in all the appropriate nutrients and still being able to acquire to body you are wishing for. There are many different methods and theory’s out there. Most of which is a marketing tactic to get you to buy into whatever they are selling. However, in the video below Mike and Sanela give it to you straight on the top 5 foods not to eat for fat loss. They do have their own programs which you can purchase, but there is truth in what they are giving away for free.


In the video below two of the top fitness experts online go through a few of the foods you shouldn’t eat if you are trying to lose body fat. Please be sure to check out our other post where they go through what foods you should eat for fat loss. You can see this post here.

The Top 5 Foods Not To Eat For Fat Loss

Special Thanks To Mike Chang And Sanela Osmanovic For Sharing This Video!