Chocoholics Rejoice: The Benefits of Chocolate for the Body

Now you have a reason to stock up on chocolates!

For all you chocoholics out there, you would probably be happy to know that chocolate is no longer considered as junk food. Studies show that dark choc contains vitamins, minerals, and elements that make it worth more than its weight it gold, as far as health is concerned.

Now, science claims that is actually more than a feel-good food that we scour the fridge for when we get our hearts broken, or if it’s “that time of the month” again for us women.

You’d be delighted to know that there is more to chocolate than meets the tongue. 😉

1. Gorgeous Skin

There are a lot of myths and fallacies involving the effect of chocolate on skin. One of these is that it causes breakouts. This is untrue and you should not deprive yourself of this good stuff because you think that it might cause a pimple party on your face.

In fact, dark chocolat (low in sugar content) is rich in antioxidants, which helps shield your skin from the effects of free radicals in the environment.

It is also high in flavonols that help protect your skin from dangerous UV rays.

This explains why it is often used in spas as masks and body scrubs. Because of its A, B1, C, D and E, chocolate is also proven to repair dry, flaky, skin.

If you’re a fan on DIY, you can create your very own chocolate scrub! Mix 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder with 3 tablespoons of brown sugar, and 1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil, then slather it all over your body before showering.

2. Stress Buster

When we eat chocolate, our brain releases happy hormones that mimics the feeling of being in love. Several studies show that it also lowers cortisol levels in the body, therefore reducing stress and anxiety.

Since cocoa reduces stress hormones, there are less collagen breakdowns in the skin and even fewer wrinkles.

You know what they say: chocolate is better than… yknow. 😉

3. Rejuvenated Locks

Is your hair feeling and looking limp and blah? Believe it or not, you could also use cacao to revitalize your locks. Aside from that, since dark chocolate contains zinc, copper, and iron that promotes cell regeneration, consuming chocolate will increase oxygen and blood flow to the scalp.

Cocoa butter could also be used in DIY hot oil treatments. You could also use cocoa powder as substitute for dry shampoo—if you’re a brunette, that is.

Best of all, it makes you happy. And that is what ultimately matters, right? Just make sure to go for organic chocs and cocoa to make sure that you’re giving the best for your body!