Sugar-free and Dairy-free Summer Mango Sorbet

Craving for ice cream but without the fat and the sugars? Try sorbet for a change!

Who doesn’t like ice cream? We all adore the sweet, creamy, velvety texture of this dessert in our mouth. We love ice cream that we went the extra mile trying out different flavors from the simple and humble vanilla to the extreme and out-of-the-ordinary tastes like, well, Foie Gras.


Anyway, although we have gone adventurous on our favorite dessert, it never hurts and we’re always welcome to go back to the simplest type of frozen dessert: the sorbet.


Sorbets are a simple mixture of fruits or fruit juice, sweetener (I used honey), water and that’s it! That’s as simple as it can get, right?

I love the versatility of this treat. You can use whatever fruit you have lying around. You don’t have to turn on the stove to heat or melt anything, so a sorbet is perfect during summers when adding extra heat to your surrounding is not a very good option.

If you’re vegan, this is also awesome for you. Since sweeteners are optional, you can leave it out and go for pure fruits only. However, if you want to make your sorbet a little sweeter, you can add in a little maple syrup.


Also, this is very light and can cleanse your palate after a rich and heavy meal. This doesn’t call for milk or cream too, so the sorbet is the dessert for you if you’re lactose intolerant. Moreover, this doesn’t contain a lot of calories unlike regular ice cream.


Best of all, you don’t need a churner for this. Easy, yummy, cheap, and low-cal, what could be better?

Sugar-free and Dairy-free Summer Mango Sorbet:


• 2 medium-sized organic mangoes
• 2 tbsp. raw organic honey
• 1 tsp. organic lemon juice
• 1/4 cup warm water, as needed


1. Dice the mangoes and then lay them out over a baking sheet that’s lined with parchment paper.
2. Pop the mangoes in the freezer for 3-4 hours until completely solid.
3. Blitz the diced mangoes, along with freshly squeezed lemon juice.
4. Blend until smooth.
5. Add a little warm water as needed.
6. Eat immediately for a soft-serve texture, or transfer into a loaf pan and freeze for 3-4 hours until firm.