Top Ten Tasty Saltless Seasonings

Top Ten Tasty Saltless Seasonings—Tantalize Your Taste Buds in a New Way!

A saltless diet is a simple but very effective preventative health practice. It’s not only for high blood pressure patients. Once you adjust to saltless seasonings, you probably won’t miss it at all. Revitalize your taste buds that have long been stunted by too much salt.

Top 10 Tasty Saltless Seasonings

  1. Organic Lemon juice is an especially nice compliment to spicy food dishes
  2. Organic cardamom, especially when it is combined with cumin and coriander seeds makes a great gourmet combo
  3. Herbal infused organic olive oils
  4. Organic cinnamon lends itself easily to flavoring and has additional health benefit of regulating blood sugar levels
  5. Organic raw kelp—this vegetable of the sea does contain some sodium, however it is far less than conventional salt
  6. Organic nutritional yeast
  7. Organic tahini butter
  8. Organic apple cider vinegar
  9. Organic black pepper
  10. Organic cayenne pepper

Health Issues Reduced or Prevented by Lowering Sodium Consumption

  • Stomach cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Obesity
  • Kidney stones
  • Kidney disease
  • Vascular dementia
  • Water retention

Salt Intake Can Be Controlled by Reducing Packaged Food

Most of the time when we reach for a snack, it’s full of salt. Chips, crackers, and cookies usually and contain huge amounts of salt. Also, they’re often so tasty we eat too much of them in a sitting. This can be limited by making your own snacks in a quantity and storing them for later. One example of this could be to make popcorn and use your own combination of flavorings from the above list.

A Great Recipe for Saltless Hummus


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For instructions and methods, see this video, courtesy of Plantbased Judy:

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Once you give your palate a break from salt, your taste buds can come alive more than ever. Therefore, flavors can be experienced in greater depth. At last, activate your vibrant range of taste with trying salt-free substitutes!